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Welcome to K1 Sport! Our website has just started development, but don’t worry, you can visit Kaywan Fitness  while we finish!

Who is Kaywan?

Who is Kaywan?

Hi, I am Kaywan, director of K1 Sport.

I am a Qualified, skilled, and energetic, Physical Education instructor, speaking English, Urdu, and Arabic.  I have over 20 years experience in body fitness and water sport activities such as life saving, swimming, and hydrotherapy, with government organisations and self employment.

I pride myself on my ability to be a catalyst, a person that provides support and pushes others to succeed.  And that’s exactly what I do. I push people to be their best while making sporting fun and fitness available and accessible to everyone in this multi cultural community of Melbourne.

I provide my sport services and games in and around Melbourne, Australia. So if you are near by…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

K1 Sport Website Now Under Construction

Hello and Welcome to K1 Sport!

Welcome to K1 Sport!

Our website has just started being developed, so in the meantime feel free to head over to Kaywan Fitness for fitness calculators, exercise animations, personal training bookings form, special deals, and loads on information and tips on fitness and nutrition.

Got any questions about K1 Sport? Ask the Director, Kaywan directly by sending a message from the Contact Us page.