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Pilates and Yogilates are the best for improving flexibility, posture, strength, general health, fitness and well-being!

Looking for an exercise type to improve flexibility, posture, balance, strength?

Need a low impact fitness class great for health, fitness and well-being?

Pilates and Yogilates is perfect for you!


Pilates was founded by a Swiss German man named Joseph Pilates, who as a bodybuilder and student of yoga, developed a series of exercises in the early 1900s which were initially aimed at improving the core strength of ballet dancers. Today, Pilates and its benefits, are enjoyed by millions of followers worldwide. The beauty of Pilates is that it is safe for all fitness levels and can be modified to cater to individuals who have injuries. Pilates focusses on developing your core strength through a unique breathing technique, which has a flow on effect of improving posture, tone and balance. The fact that you are able to practice Pilates using your own body weight as resistance, means that you can train anywhere at anytime.

Yogilates is a unique blend of Yoga and Pilates. This class is ideal for people wishing to improving flexibility and strength at the same time. The moves are gentle so that there is no impact on your body, while at the same time they are challenging to enable beginners and advanced alike to train at their own level. The yoga components to the class improve your balance and flexibility while the Pilates exercises will tone and strengthen your muscles. Due to the fact that you use your own body weight as resistance and that a mat is the only equipment that is required, Yogilates is the perfect exercise class to see you gain health, fitness and well-being.

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