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Time 2 Train is a nationally, internationally recognised program for Autism, Health + Fitness. Helping to achieve better understanding and improvement of the overall functioning level for individuals living with Autism + Asperger’s

Time 2 Train is NOT a cure for Asperger’s but aims to achieve healthy development and improvement, to diminish the traits of A.S to a manageable level.

Using exercise, movement activities and play to analyse and train all ages on the Autism Spectrum in the Time 2 Train Program, we provide feedback to parents through observation, physical performance and behavioural assessments. Insight into you or your child’s fluency and balance in movement, co-ordination, concentration, confidence and cognitive capacity will empower you or your child to achieve better functionality in a more positive, proactive way.  

Contact: Jeremy Samson
Managing Director Time 2 Train Asperger’s Program – The Lupe Program
Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner
MIACN – International Association Clinical Neuropsychotherapy